Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Episode 3: Sport

What's this? Why it's a brand-new episode of Me, You and Him.

Sport. It's great, isn't it? But sport isn't just defined by Final Score on a Saturday and Match of the Day 2 on a Sunday. Oh no. From the egg and spoon race at Sports Day when we're five years old, to playing bridge when we're 90, sport is part of our everyday lives.

This podcast, whether you're into sports or not, should answer the age-old question; is life a sport? And if it doesn't answer that, then at least you'll learn about the time when Adam watched a movie instead of running against his school friends.

In episode 3: David tells us about his school where every towel was fitted with a camera, Capone regales the time he was tied to a torpedo, and Mat dreams of a world where football stadiums have 40,000 people in them. Day and night. Also in episode 3: Adam tries to 'update' different sports, David tries to understand streakers, and the boys play Bop-It.

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